About Us

Our mission is to help dental practices succeed

Carelytics brings together all the needed tools for dental practices to measure, analyze, and improve management and operations, which results in happier and healthier patients as well as a more successful practice.

Our Story

Built BY dentists
FOR dentists

Carelytics has been designed based on deep knowledge of clinical processes. Our team includes fantastic people with years of experience in dentistry. This is our biggest strength - we know exactly what dental practices need!

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Our Values

Strong values bring great people together

Building the best product requires having the best team,
and we do!
It wouldn't be possible without having a set of core values that everyone believes in.

Simplicity is key

Don’t overcomplicate things.
Keep everything simple and user friendly.

Act with integrity

Be honest. Always.
Be proud of what is accomplished.


Collaboration is the priority in any task.
All major decisions are made as a team.

Have fun

Enjoy what we do and how we do it.
Work our rears off doing it! 

Let’s monitor the pulse of your dental practice

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