KPI Analytics

Successful businesses cannot be operated based on assumptions. Carelytics provides automated KPI tracking with live data available at your fingertips

By integrating with Practice Management software, Carelytics can analyze your practice's performance on an hourly basis and provide you real time interactive dashboards, giving you the opportunity to analyze and make improvements to your business performance before it’s too late.

The first step to achieving a goal, is setting it.
Carelytics allows for individual as well as practice-wide goal tracking.

Here's a list of some of the KPIs Carelytics automatically tracks for your dental practice, as well as for individual operators:

  • Total Production
  • Total Collection
  • Number of new patients along with referral sources
  • Total number of appointments
  • Average production per active hour and per scheduled hour
  • Past and future operator downtime
  • Production to payroll ratio for employees on an hourly rate
  • and many others

Each operator can be given access to their own dashboards, so that they can track their professional growth.

In addition to standard KPIs, you can create custom procedure-based goals, by simply defining a list of procedure codes to be tracked, and within minutes you get detailed analytics for whatever you are interested in.

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