Take Care of your Practice

The Carelytics ecosystem combines all the necessary tools to perform your daily operations.

Advanced Analytics

Take Care of your Business

By integrating with Practice Management software, Carelytics can analyze your practice's performance on an hourly basis and provide you real-time interactive dashboards, giving you the opportunity to analyze and make improvements to your business performance before it’s too late.

The first step to achieving a goal, is setting it.
Carelytics allows for individual as well as practice-wide goal tracking.

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Employee Management

Take Care of your Operations

Scheduling and time-tracking, performance reviews and online training, task management and communication - all these fantastic tools have been brought together into one easy-to-use application.

No need to onboard every single employee into many different software applications -
Carelytics has you covered.

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Happiness Climate

Take Care of your Staff

It's not a secret that the engagement of employees directly affects patient satisfaction. Carelytics measures both sides to allow for proper decisions by dental practice owners.

Once in a while, our software automatically asks employees about their experience at the clinic.

Your clinic’s results are shown through interactive graphs. You'll always know how the team feels about everything that's happening at the clinic.

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Let’s monitor the pulse of your dental practice

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