Monitor the pulse of your dental practice and make informed decisions with the help of the Carelytics ecosystem – a dashboard environment that brings productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction analytics to your fingertips.

Successful businesses don’t operate on assumptions.
They operate on information.
Carelytics brings together all the tools to measure, analyze, and improve management and operations.
All in one place.

Take Care of your practice.

Why Carelytics

Our priority is optimizing
your practice's performance

An optimized practice is a happier, healthier environment for owners, staff, and patients. Provider productivity, employee engagement, daily scheduling, professional growth, team building, messaging - all available at your fingertips with Carelytics. 

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Simple, yet powerful features

The Carelytics ecosystem combines all the necessary tools to perform your daily operations.

Advanced Analytics

By integrating with Practice Management software, Carelytics can analyze your practice's performance on an hourly basis and provide you real-time interactive dashboards, giving you the opportunity to analyze and make improvements to your business performance before it’s too late.

The first step to achieving a goal, is setting it.
Carelytics allows for individual as well as practice-wide goal tracking.

Employee Management

Scheduling and time-tracking, performance reviews and online training, task management and communication - all these fantastic tools have been brought together into one easy-to-use application.

No need to onboard every single employee into many different software applications -
Carelytics has you covered.

Happiness Climate

Don't worry, it's just our code name for employee engagement :) 

Once in a while, our software automatically asks employees about their experience at the clinic. 

Your clinic’s results are shown through interactive graphs. You'll always know how the team feels about everything that's happening at the clinic.

Let’s monitor the pulse of your dental practice

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Integrated with the tools
you know and love

Our fantastic team has worked hard on implementing integrations with the most popular practice management systems.
Decades of experience in software development along with massive support from the dental community give us an edge when it comes to the development of new intergrations.


What our customers are saying

We built Carelytics to help practices thrive. And it's working!
It feels great when our work is appreciated!

“I have been using Carelytics for over a year and could not be happier.  Taras and his entire team have gone above and beyond to ensure that my staff and practice operated as efficiently as possible.  Anytime we encountered an operational or day-to-day problem, the Carelytics team provided us with a solution in a timely manner.  Their scheduling, time-tracking and business analytics are only a few of the many features that have helped take my practice to the next level.  Highly recommended for everyone looking to take their practice to the next level.”

Dr. Hesham Sherghin

“Where do I even begin? Carelytics is like Moneyball for Dentistry! I don’t know how I ran my office without it. This simple, easy to use software does so much and allows me to track so many important metrics to help me understand what’s happening in my office, in real time. This guides decisions in every management concern I have as it exposes the strengths and weaknesses of my practice. Also, my staff absolutely love the scheduling and messaging components of the app that they use on their phones. The Carelytics team has incredible customer service and I was shocked how easy it was to set up. Highly recommend!"

Dr. Nekky Jamal
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Let’s monitor the pulse of your dental practice

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Carelytics can help identify problems with your daily operations and allow you to make changes in real-time as you move forward. Don’t look back with regret. Look ahead with confidence. 

Our team is more than happy to show you around the platform – to show you the benefits of monitoring the pulse of your practice. No commitment necessary.